Emerson fan voice control.

This skill is in order to control Emerson fan, light features with voice. If you have a Emerson fan, and an Emerson app. Then, you can add a voice control function with this skill.<br/>First, sign up and add device in your Emerson app. Then, in Alexa app, enable this skill and log in with the account, which was created in Emerson app.<br/>If your device is named &quot;office&quot;, then you can use following commands to control it.<br/>1. Alexa, turn on office fan.<br/>2. Alexa, turn off office light.<br/>3. Alexa, set office light to 80 percent.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on office fan.
Alexa, turn on office light.
Alexa, set office light to 80 percent.

Release Date

December 30th 2017