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Emergency Questions by Richard Herring

Have you ever stamped on a mouse? <br/><br/>Do you remember the Rubik&rsquo;s Snake? Please tell me about all your memories of it. <br/><br/>Who was your favourite member of Blazin&rsquo; Squad? <br/>(mine was Plat&rsquo;num) <br/><br/>Did you ever consider a career in dentistry? (do not ask this to a dentist. It would be rude) <br/><br/>These are all questions that were never considered for inclusion in this book of Emergency Questions. And when you see the quality of what is inside this inquiring tome then you will understand why. Over 99 questions from the brain of &ldquo;nationally-known comedian&rdquo; (Cheddar Valley Gazette) Richard Herring (and occasionally from a Welsh child working inside his question mine) which are all perfect ice-breakers at parties, on dates, during job interviews or life-threatening situations, lie within. <br/><br/>They are especially useful if you host a weekly podcast interviewing celebrities, but have run out of stuff that you got off Wikipedia and can&rsquo;t think of anything else to say.

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October 11th 2017