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Email Preview


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Or say "Alexa, enable Email Preview"

Alexa provides a preview of the unread messages in your email account.

Allow Alexa access to your email account to get a quick overview of your unread emails. She will brief you the subject lines of all the new messages you received since the last time she checked your account. If there are no new messages since the last time she checked, she will read all of your unread email.<br/><br/>At this time only Gmail is supported. Alexa will seek just the read-only permissions to your Gmail account and doesn't make any modifications to your account. As such, it does not support things like marking mails as read, deleting etc. at the moment.

Invocation Name

email preview

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Email Preview
Alexa, ask Email Preview to check if I have new mail
Alexa, tell Email Preview to check my inbox

Release Date

June 9th 2017