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Elon - Tesla Car (Unofficial)

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Or say "Alexa, enable Elon - Tesla Car (Unofficial)"

Elon lets you control functions of your Tesla Model S or Model X such as climate control, charging, battery range and more.

This skill is not affiliated with Tesla Inc.<br/><br/>Elon is part of the ElonBot service that allows you to control your Tesla with Alexa. You can check the current battery level, find out where your car is, is it locked, turn on and off the climate control.<br/><br/>The battery level and car location will also be show in the Alexa app.<br/><br/>Elon works with the Tesla Model X and the Model S and can also work with multiple cars on the same account.<br/><br/>Cards are also included for some of the skills.<br/><br/>What can I ask Elon?<br/><br/>- Where is my car<br/>- How much battery is left<br/>- Is the charging port open<br/>- Open the charging port<br/>- Is the car charging<br/>- Start charging the car<br/>- Stop charging the car<br/>- Set the charge level to 60%<br/>- Set the charge level to maximum range<br/>- How much charge is left<br/>- Is the car plugged in<br/>- What is the charge range<br/>- What is the temperature inside the car<br/>- Is the air con off<br/>- What's the temperature set to<br/>- Set the temperature to 22 degrees<br/>- Turn on the air con<br/>- Turn off the climate control<br/>- Is the car driving<br/>- Is the car parked<br/>- What speed is the car travelling<br/>- Flash the lights<br/>- Honk the horn<br/>- How far are you<br/>- Is the car locked<br/>- What's the current range of my car<br/>- How many miles left on my battery<br/>- How many miles have I gone<br/>- Open the sunroof<br/>- Is the car hot<br/>- Change car<br/>- Select car<br/><br/>To configure or remove your account after linking please visit https://www.elonbot.com/

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Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Elon to turn on the climate control
Alexa, ask Elon how much battery is left
Alexa, ask Elon where is my car

Release Date

April 3rd 2017