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Elliott Bay CrossFit

Daniel Motles

Or say "Alexa, enable Elliott Bay CrossFit"

Have Alexa tell you what the workout is going to be at the Elliott Bay CrossFit Box in Seattle, WA.

Running out the door and curious what the workout is going to be at your favorite Seattle, WA CrossFit box? This skill is for you!<br/><br/>This skill allows you to get the workout of the day (i.e. &quot;WOD&quot;) from the Elliott Bay CrossFit Gym in downtown Seattle, WA. You can also ask for yesterday's or tomorrow's workout. If there's no workout, Alexa will say so. If you have an Echo Show, the workout will be displayed on screen!<br/><br/>Underneath the covers, this skill will visit the Elliott Bay CrossFit website http://elliottbaycrossfit.com for you, and then convert the workout into Alexa-readable text.<br/><br/>Elliott Bay CrossFit is a trademark of Elliott Bay CrossFit and used with permission from the owner, Rohan Joseph.<br/><br/>This skill's source code is open source at https://github.com/dmotles/ebcf-alexa and protected by the MIT license.<br/><br/>Brought to you by Daniel Motles http://github.com/dmotles.

Invocation Name

elliott bay crossfit

Interaction Examples

Alexa, get the workout from Elliott Bay CrossFit.
Alexa, ask Elliott Bay CrossFit for tomorrow's workout.
Alexa, ask Elliott Bay CrossFit for yesterday's workout.

Release Date

November 28th 2017