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Ellie World


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Or say "Alexa, enable Ellie World"

Ellie is a dog that likes to have fun and get into trouble with her old pals. Join Ellie on her adventures and her jokes. Just say "Open Ellie World."

Ellie loves to have fun with her old pals. She loves to tell stories, make jokes, and go anywhere. Open Ellie World to hear her storybooks, get a joke, and get the answer to the all important question of "Where is Ellie?" Lots of laughs (maybe a few tears of joy) and adventures to explore with Ellie. Get started by saying, "Open Ellie World", then ask "Tell me a storybook." "Tell me a joke." "Where is Ellie?" Have fun and enjoy!

Invocation Name

ellie world

Interaction Examples

Alexa Open Ellie World
Tell me a storybook
Tell me a joke

Release Date

June 23rd 2016