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An eggcellent guide to making eggs 8 ways!

Eggcellent is your go to guide to making eggs-- hard boiled, soft boiled, sunny side up, poached, over easy, over medium, over hard / fried, and scrambled. For an eggtraordinary day, make eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.<br/><br/>Common Eggcellent phrases to give a go:<br/>&quot;Ask Eggcellent how to cook a runny egg!&quot;<br/>&quot;Ask Eggcellent how to poach an egg!&quot;<br/>&quot;Ask Eggcellent how to make scrambled eggs!&quot;<br/>&quot;Ask Eggcellent how to cook hard boiled eggs!&quot;<br/>&quot;Ask Eggcellent how to make a sunny side up egg!&quot;<br/><br/>Time to get cracking.

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How do I poach an egg
How do I make a sunny side up egg

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November 13th 2017