Educational Technology for Teachers - Alexa Skill

Educational Technology for Teachers

University of Utah


Or say "Alexa, enable Educational Technology for Teachers"

Receive recommendations of educational technologies or apps for use in the classroom.

For any teachers who plan to implement technologies in the classroom, finding new apps and digital resources requires lots of time and effort. This skill will help teachers find and learn about innovative technologies to design lesson plan activities with Alexa. It can also help parents to support their children by providing them engaging resources. The Advanced Instructional Systems and Technologies laboratory is continually updating the list of apps and interactions featured in the skill to stay up to date with current trends and practices.

Invocation Name

education tech

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Education Tech
Alexa, ask Education Tech to tell me about an educational app
Alexa, ask Education Tech to suggest an educational technology

Release Date

November 2nd 2016