Eating Dogfood - Alexa Skill

Eating Dogfood

Hall-O-Gram Creations


Or say "Alexa, enable Eating Dogfood"

Alexa does a lot for you. Take care of her by feeding her some dogfood to keep her healthy. Say: Alexa, start eating dogfood.

This is my first attempt at writing a skill. Now you can just ask Alexa to start Eating dogfood. She will then randomly pick a start phrase and fact phrase and say them together. I have written over 100 different responses to answer with as she is enjoying a good meal.

Invocation Name

eating dogfood

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start eating dogfood.
Alexa, ask eating dogfood.
Alexa, open eating dogfood.

Release Date

March 7th 2017