Easy Memo - Alexa Skill

Easy Memo

Tobias Ceska

Or say "Alexa, enable Easy Memo"

This Alexa Skill saves memos (short voice notes) for you. It will read out the saved memos and you can delete them, too.

This skill saves memos (short voice memos). You can let Alexa read them out and delete the saved data.<br/>The idea is to save something as quickly as possible (and EASY) and to access it again later. Therefore, not even a date is required. However, there may be an expansions in this regard.<br/><br/>Usage:<br/>Say: Save memo &quot;Text&quot; to save the said text.<br/>Say: list my memos to get the stored memos read out.<br/>You can delete with: Delete memo 1 to delete the first memo from your list, and so on (numbering according to the read list). Or immediately delete all with: delete all my memos.<br/>(After deleting a memo, the number of the following entries will be reduced.)<br/><br/>Attention: The memos are stored per device. If multiple people use the same echo, all users can access the entire list of this device.

Invocation Name

easy memo

Interaction Examples

Alexa start Easy memo
save going to stop by the grocery store this evening
delete Memo one

Release Date

August 3rd 2017