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Get the Latest Earning Calls by asking "E. bot"

Get the latest Stocks Earning Calls for a whole list of companies <br/><br/>&quot;E. bot&quot; will tell you: Before Market or After Market Release, Full Company Name, then Ticker Name <br/><br/>Tell &quot;E. bot&quot; Phrases like: <br/><br/>Today, Tomorrow, Day after tomorrow, Day before yesterday<br/><br/>Valid Expression(Fill in the blank with the above phrases):<br/><br/>&quot;What are the earnings _____&quot;,<br/>&quot;Get me ____ earnings&quot;,<br/>&quot;Tell me _____ earnings&quot;,<br/>&quot;_____ earnings&quot;,<br/>&quot;Earning calls for ______&quot;,<br/>&quot;What are _____ earnings&quot;<br/><br/>Or You can just say the phrase by itself<br/><br/>Increase your trading and investing efficiency with the help of &quot;E. bot&quot;<br/>NOTE: UTC Timezone

Invocation Name

e. bot

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask E. bot Today earnings
Alexa, ask E. bot Day After Tomorrow
Alexa, ask E. bot Earning calls for Day Before Yesterday

Release Date

August 25th 2017