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Start, build, and grow your voice-over career

Voice-Over Coaching &amp; Marketing<br/>Like anyone at the top of their game, professionals get constant coaching and training throughout their careers.<br/><br/>Being a voice actor is no different. The major difference here is that we go far beyond just voiceover coaching.<br/><br/>We train you on how to start build and grow our voice over career as well.<br/><br/>Many of us have been told that we have a great voice. The thing is so do millions of other VO's out there.<br/><br/>How do you stand apart? How do you get clients coming to you over and over again?<br/><br/>Much of the future of voice over is in the home studio. Yep...you can do this from your home.<br/><br/>The large percentage of voice over talent get a very small percentage of their work from agents. What we teach you uncovers the tactics and strategies to get people that are looking for voice talent to come directly to you.<br/><br/> <br/>We have weekly training in our facility and online via live streams every week. We can coach on the art of voice over and teach you how to go out there and start getting work.<br/><br/>Our services include:<br/><br/>voice over coaching<br/>voice over marketing tactics and strategies<br/>professional demo creation<br/>audition editing, processing, and mastering

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October 11th 2017