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Or say "Alexa, enable EarCoach"

This skill is used for ear training. It plays you randoms chord or interval, and ask you to name it.

Ever got frustrated when you cannot tell a chord name of interval name when you want to transcript a song into tabs? Never mind, ear coach gives you an easy way to train your ear.<br/><br/>Ear coach provides you 2 training methods, you can say &quot;train me with a chord&quot; or &quot;train me with an interval&quot;. Doing so the earcoach will play you a random interval or chord and ask you name it.<br/><br/>Try this skill to make you ear more accurate!

Invocation Name

ear coach

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask earcoach to give me a chord
this is a major
this is an augmented fourth

Release Date

August 17th 2017