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Get your fix of sports radio and news with the ESPN skill. This skill brings you ESPN Radio, several local ESPN radio stations, and hourly news updates.

Get your sports radio fix with the ESPN skill. From Mike and Mike to Dan Le Batard and Stu Gotz, this skill brings you live ESPN Radio, several ESPN affiliate stations, and hourly news updates. <br/><br/>Say, &quot;Tell me the news,&quot; &quot;Play the radio,&quot; or ask for your local ESPN radio station to access the best in sports radio content.<br/><br/>Supported radio stations include:<br/>- ESPN Radio<br/>- ESPN Deportes Radio<br/>- ESPN Chicago (WMVP 1000 AM)<br/>- ESPN Los Angeles (KSPN 710 AM)<br/>- ESPN New York (WEPN 98.7 FM)<br/>- ESPN Deportes New York (WEPN 1050 AM)

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Interaction Examples

Alexa, open ESPN.
Play ESPN Radio.
Listen to ESPN Chicago.

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August 21st 2017