Enable Your Amazon Alexa device to work with Lumenari ELA Smart Lighting devices! Enjoy the convenience of automated control, simply say "Turn on lights."

Enhance your space with ELA and enjoy the comforts of control with Alexa! This skill is compatible with and requires connection to the Lumenari ELA Smart Hub. <br/><br/>With the ELA Skill, you'll be able to interact with your ELA Smart Lighting devices with Alexa's voice control. Features include grouping your lights, dimming your lights, define rooms, and many more.<br/><br/>Try out these controls after you have set your rooms in the Alexa app:<br/><br/>Turn Lights On/Off:<br/>Alexa, turn off Room<br/>Alexa, turn on Room<br/><br/>Dimming/Brightness:<br/>Alexa, set Room to 100%<br/>Alexa, dim Room to 20%<br/><br/>Color Temperature:<br/>Alexa, make Room warmer<br/>Alexa, make Room cooler<br/>Alexa, make Room white<br/><br/>Color Control:<br/>Alexa, make Room red<br/>Alexa, make Room blue<br/>Alexa, make Room orange

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on Room
Alexa, set Room to 100%
Alexa, make Room cyan

Release Date

September 29th 2017