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Or say "Alexa, enable EBM-Radio.com"

Streaming EBM, Industrial, Synthpop, Darkwave and more 24/7/365. Totally free and no commercials. Make requests on our web site, any time.

The station began in early 2000 to the call of people who deserved more access to great music in genres like EBM, Industrial, Synthpop and Darkwave. The name EBM Radio was getting used before long, it seemed like a good idea to try Live365 to be able to service the number of people who needed their fix and EBM-Radio.com became a founding member. At the time there was only so much bandwidth to go around for Shoutcast connections and Live365 seemed like a good alternative. Officially becoming "EBM-Radio.com" January 2002, due to a lack of creativity in naming but a need to get a proper name and website considering the rate that the stream's popularity was increasing. Follow us on Twitter (@EBMRadio) to interface directly, use the web site to search the library and use it to submit requests, live! EBM-Radio.com wants to expand availability and ease of access as much as possible. You’ll find the stream almost anywhere you might expect. From the web site or your favorite music software, mobile apps like Tune-in to Alexa enabled devices, using this skill. Enjoy!

Invocation Name

e. b. m. radio

Interaction Examples

Alexa play e. b. m. radio
Alexa, open e. b. m. radio
Alexa, launch e. b. m. radio

Release Date

January 5th 2017