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E. V. stations

Wai Wong

Or say "Alexa, enable E. V. stations"

Alexa, open E. V. Stations

Use the E. V. Stations alexa skill to find E.V. Charging stations in your zip code around the U.S. Simply enable the skill and say &quot;Alexa, open E. V. Stations&quot; to begin. <br/><br/>Or say &quot;Alexa, ask E. V. Stations...&quot;<br/>&bull; get me zip code 90012 <br/>&bull; Is there charging station around 92704<br/><br/>This is a beta version which only holds information on basic E.V. Charging Stations for now. Stay tuned, more features will be added soon!

Invocation Name

e. v. stations

Interaction Examples

Alexa Open E. V. Stations
Alexa Ask E. V. Stations is there charging station around 92704
Alexa, Ask E. V. Stations for 90012

Release Date

June 26th 2017