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Fun facts about the Interactive Technology Team at E! This is an Unofficial App used for flexing our development and voice skills with Alexa... and for fun!

E!'s brand is known world wide and that is in a large part due to the digital products that have been built to get news and entertainment stories out to the public. But did you know that there's a technology department working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring to life these great digital products that run on your computer, tablet, & mobile device? Come find out some fun facts about some of the members of the E! Interactive Technology Team! This Alexa skill is not sponsored by E! Entertainment Television, LLC. as it a sole contribution of one developer for purposes of experimentation with new tech.

Invocation Name

e. online interactive

Interaction Examples

Alexa open e. online interactive
Alexa Aske. online interactive a fact
Alexa Ask e. online interactive for an E Interactive team fact

Release Date

January 12th 2017