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E Advisor

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Or say "Alexa, enable E Advisor"

E-Advisor helps you repair, recycle, or sell your electronics from the comfort of your home. MobiCycle Ltd does not take money from consumers for this skill.

Thank you for helping us develop Electronic Advisor, or E-Advisor, When fully functional, E-Advisor will offer consumers all over the globe a range of options. The three key themes are to repair, recycle or sell abandoned electronics and electrical equipment.<br/><br/>Repair: get help with finding your closest repair shop, receive a link to a repair video on YouTube or schedule an online chat session with a repair expert via MobiCycle's Repair Clinic. <br/><br/>Recycle: get directions to your closest recycling point.<br/><br/>Sales: post your gently used electronic or electrical item for sale on Amazon, et al.<br/><br/>Please note: All features will only be available as E-Advisor passes certification with Amazon.<br/><br/>As part of the repair/recycling/sales process, E-Advisor will ask you about your experience with the electronic or electrical item you want to repair, recycle or sell. Your answers are provided to manufacturers and retailers to help them design and manufacture more durable and useful products in future.

Invocation Name

electronic advisor

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch electronic advisor
I have a toaster.
I want to recycle.

Release Date

December 31st 2016