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Control your Dyson connected machines, with Alexa.

The Dyson skill lets you control your Dyson connected machines with Alexa. <br/>Interact with your Dyson technology by voice, to monitor and control your machines. <br/>To get started, select &lsquo;Enable&rsquo; above and enter your Dyson Link login details. This will enable Amazon Alexa to link with your Dyson connected machines.<br/><br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Dyson to start purifying&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Dyson for the indoor air quality&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Dyson to start vacuuming&rdquo;<br/><br/>Amazon Alexa is compatible with these Dyson connected machines:<br/>Dyson Pure Cool Link&trade; purifier fan<br/>Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link&trade; purifier fan heater<br/>Dyson 360 Eye&trade; robot<br/><br/>Once connected, use voice commands to control and monitor your purifier. Here are some examples:<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson to turn on<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson to turn on night mode<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson to turn off auto mode<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson to increase the speed<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson to set my speed to 7<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson how fast it is running <br/>Alexa, ask Dyson for the indoor air quality level<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson for the temperature <br/>Alexa, ask Dyson for the indoor humidity<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson to explain auto mode<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson to explain PM2.5<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson to explain night mode<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson how much filter life is remaining<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson is there a fault<br/> <br/>You can also use voice commands to interact with your Dyson 360 Eye&trade; robot. Try these:<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson to start cleaning<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson to pause cleaning<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson to turn on quiet mode<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson for max mode<br/>Alexa, ask Dyson to turn on quiet mode <br/>Alexa, ask Dyson for my robot&rsquo;s current status <br/><br/>We'll be adding new features to the Dyson skill, so you can do even more with your Dyson connected products and Alexa.

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Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Dyson to start purifying
Alexa, ask Dyson to set speed to 3
Alexa, ask Dyson to start vacuuming

Release Date

June 7th 2017