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Ducking Out

Duck Soup Technologies, Inc.

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Or say "Alexa, enable Ducking Out"

Catchphrases associated with announcing that you are leaving.

Ducking Out is a simple Alexa skill that randomly selects and shares a catchphrase when you announce that you are leaving. <br/><br/>You can announce you are leaving with several variations of &quot;It's time to go&quot;, &quot;I'm leaving&quot;, &quot;we're leaving&quot;, etc. (For instance, &quot;Alexa, tell Ducking Out I'm leaving.&quot;)<br/><br/>You can add new phrases by telling Alexa to &quot;Add a new phrase&quot; (For instance, &quot;Alexa, tell Ducking Out to add a new phrase.&quot;)<br/><br/>You can get a scrambled phrase by asking for a scrambled phrase or by telling Alexa it's time to McFly. (For instance, &quot;Alexa, tell Ducking Out it's time to McFly.&quot;)<br/><br/>And, finally, you can get a naughty phrase by asking Alexa to tell you a naughty phrase. (For instance, &quot;Alexa, ask Ducking Out for a naughty phrase.&quot;)

Invocation Name

ducking out

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell Ducking Out I'm outta here.
tell Ducking Out it's time to McFly
tell Ducking Out to add a new phrase

Release Date

July 12th 2017