Dual N-Back - Alexa Skill

Dual N-Back

Ryan Bell

Or say "Alexa, enable Dual N-Back"

A Dual N-Back memory game for Amazon Alexa with Image cards.

Say &quot;Alexa open Dual N Back&quot; to begin. If your Alexa-enabled device doesn't have a screen, you can use the companion application to view the cards.<br/><br/>On difficulty level 1 (default), you're listening out for a consecutively repeated letter and watching for a consecutively repeated image. For example, if you heard &quot;X&quot;, followed by another &quot;X&quot; but with a different image, you would say &quot;Letter. If you had seen the exact same image twice in a row but heard a different letter, you would just say &quot;Image.&quot; If both the Image and the Letter had appeared twice in a row, you would say &quot;Both&quot;. Or, if neither Image or the Letter appeared twice in a row, you would say &quot;Neither.&quot;<br/><br/>You can say &quot;Change the difficulty to 2&quot; to increase the N-Back challenge (ranging from 1 - 10.) You can also say &quot;Change the Size to Medium&quot; to increase the size of the visual cue (ranging from small, medium, and large.)<br/><br/>For difficulty 2, you're listening out for a repeated letter as it was heard 2 letters ago, and you're watching for an image that was repeated 2 images ago.<br/><br/>The game is scored after 25 N-Back challenges.<br/><br/>You can say &quot;Exit&quot; to leave the game.<br/><br/>The source code is available at https://github.com/rtbz/alexa-dual-n-back

Invocation Name

dual n. back

Interaction Examples

Alexa open Dual N Back
Change the difficulty to 2
Change the size to Medium

Release Date

December 12th 2017