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Or say "Alexa, enable DroneMobile"

Lock, unlock, GPS track, pop trunk, and check status of your DroneMobile using any Alexa compatible device.

YOUR CAR, CONNECTED<br/><br/>DroneMobile is the award-winning smartphone solution for staying connected to your vehicle from anywhere in the world. Using the Alexa Skill for DroneMobile, you can lock your doors, check vehicle status, and even track your vehicle&rsquo;s exact location. <br/><br/>INSTALLATION REQUIRED<br/><br/>In order to use DroneMobile on your vehicle, a DroneMobile module and compatible remote start or security system must be installed onto your vehicle. <br/><br/>To find an authorized DroneMobile retailer, visit www.dronemobile.com/stores<br/><br/>ALEXA SKILL FEATURES<br/><br/>&#9679; Keyless entry<br/>&#9679; Trunk release<br/>&#9679; Security system activation/deactivation<br/>&#9679; Detailed vehicle status<br/>&#9679; GPS tracking<br/><br/>OUR COMPANY<br/><br/>CES Innovations Honoree for In-Vehicle Accessories (2015)<br/>CES Best of Innovations for In-Vehicle Accessories (2011)<br/>2X TOP VENDOR of Security, Convenience, and Safety Products (Mobile Electronics Retailers - 2014, 2015)<br/><br/>COMPATIBILITY<br/><br/>DroneMobile can be added to any of the following brands of remote start and/or security systems:<br/>&#9679; Compustar<br/>&#9679; Compustar PRO<br/>&#9679; Arctic Start<br/>&#9679; NuStart<br/>&#9679; FTX

Invocation Name

drone mobile

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Drone Mobile to lock car
Alexa, ask Drone Mobile where is vehicle
Alexa, tell Drone Mobile to unlock truck

Release Date

June 20th 2017