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Drive Time Trivia

Gonzo Studios

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Or say "Alexa, enable Drive Time Trivia"

Practice for your DMV driving test

Have a little fun while you practice your DMV driving test. With the variety of questions from across the United States, anyone can have fun while learning the rules of the road. <br/><br/>Ask Alexa to start a new game. As you work your way through the questions, Alexa will keep track of your score and help prepare you for the big test. <br/><br/>You can ask Alexa to start a new game, tell you the current score, and repeat the question. The interaction is easy to follow. When Alexa asks you the question and let's you choose from the 4 answers. To select your answer, reply with &quot;one&quot;, &quot;two&quot;, &quot;three&quot;, or &quot;four&quot;. After a round of 5 questions, she'll let you know how you did.<br/><br/>Take the challenge and see how many rounds you can survive.

Invocation Name

drive time trivia

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Drive Time Trivia
Repeat the last question
My answer is two

Release Date

May 24th 2017