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Drinking Games


Or say "Alexa, enable Drinking Games"

Please drink responsibly! The 10 best drinking games to play with your friends. Learn the rules, get dealt cards and much more with this fun skill!

Please drink responsibly! This skill has 10 of the best drinking games out there! Have a specific game in mind? Drinking games will tell you how to play. Looking for inspiration? Drinking games can pick a game for you. Don't have any cards? Drinking games can deal you some. You can also ask drinking games to toss a coin, roll dice or pick a number of fingers to drink. <br/><br/>Finally you can add (or remove) members to your group. Ask drinking games to add 'first name' to the group. You can then ask drinking games to pick someone from the group to drink.

Invocation Name

drinking games

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open drinking games
Alexa, ask drinking games to pick a random game
Alexa, ask drinking games to deal me a card

Release Date

September 2nd 2017