Draw A Card - Alexa Skill

Draw A Card

Daniel Engle


Or say "Alexa, enable Draw A Card"

Have Alexa draw a random card for you. Optionally specify a suit or ask her to draw multiple cards.

Draw A Card allows Alexa to draw a random card for you. You can draw from a specific suit (clubs, diamonds, hearts, or spades), and finally, you can draw up to ten different cards at a time. Very simple to use. Just say "Alexa, draw a card" to get started. Sample phrases include: draw/get/find/give/deal - a - card/club/diamond/heart/spade draw/get/find/give/deal - (number between 1 and 10) - cards

Invocation Name

draw a card

Interaction Examples

Alexa, draw a card
Alexa, tell draw a card to get a spade
Alexa, ask draw a card to deal five cards

Release Date

October 14th 2016