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How well do you know your favorite football team's recent draft history? Test your knowledge and score touchdowns in this unique and fun trivia game.

Test your knowledge of your favorite football team&rsquo;s recent draft history. Answer questions like:<br/><br/>Who was selected in the 1st round with pick number 2 overall in the 2016 draft from North Dakota State?<br/><br/>What round was Alvin Kamara drafted in?<br/><br/>What college did DeShaun Watson get drafted from?<br/><br/>And many more.<br/><br/>Score touchdowns in this unique trivia game play. Each correct answer advances the ball. Go for a 2-pt conversion by answering 2 questions in a row correctly after a touchdown.<br/><br/>Simple to use, fun to play.

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draft trivia

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Alexa, open Draft Trivia
Eagles Trivia
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Release Date

December 14th 2017