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Dr. Lucy


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Or say "Alexa, enable Dr. Lucy"

Get advice from a sarcastic and sadistic therapist who takes great joy in providing insults and misfortune. She has over 500 responses to hundreds of feelings.

Dr. Lucy is an artificial intelligence therapist who prefers sarcasm and sadism over therapy and counseling. She responds to hundreds of feelings and has over 500 uniquely unhelpful responses. If you want a good laugh talk to Dr. Lucy. If you need real help, a laugh is a good place to start. Try telling her you "need advice" or you feel "stupid", "fat", "happy", "gassy", or "ugly". Follow the doctor on twitter @iheartdrlucy.

Invocation Name

doctor lucy

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell Doctor Lucy, I need advice
I feel ugly
I feel stupid

Release Date

August 16th 2017