Dota Agility Heros - Alexa Skill

Dota Agility Heros

Krishna Chaitanya Kaja

Or say "Alexa, enable Dota Agility Heros"

This Skill Explains about Dota Agility Heros

This Skill gives a detail description on all the dota 1 and dota 2 agility hero's and their powers. Every hero have a minimum of 4 spell powers with an ultimatum. The skill explains in details about all of those agility hero's with their power combinations and abilities.

Invocation Name

dota agility heros

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Launch dota agility heros.
Alexa, Start dota agility heros
Alexa, Run dota agility heros.

Release Date

July 22nd 2017