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Dorm Events

University of Southern California

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Or say "Alexa, enable Dorm Events"

Integrates with facebook to answer your queries about upcoming events for today, tomorrow, weekend, next week, next month.

This skill requires integration with facebook. On selecting the skill in the alexa app, it shows facebook app authorization page. User needs to provide authorization to the facebook app "Dorm Events". After linking the facebook account, this skill allows the user to ask queries related to events listed on facebook. It can tell the user about upcoming events. User can also search for upcoming events for a particular date or time-frame like today, tomorrow, next week, this weekend, next weekend, next month, next year.

Invocation Name

dorm events

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Dorm Events, whats happening this weekend
Alexa, ask Dorm Events, whats my next upcoming event
Alexa, ask Dorm Events, where is event three

Release Date

January 15th 2017