Or say "Alexa, enable Dooya Bridge"

Dooya Bridge smarthome skill offers additional voice control options to the bidirectional control of motorized window covering products.

Dooya Bridge smarthome skill only supports Bridge(DD7 series). With Bridge and Dooya Bridge smarthome skill, all motorized window coverings can be controlled via Amazon Echo and you can freely open or close your shade at any your preferred position and one button scene control created by bridge App.<br/><br/>How to connect <br/>1. Enable the skill and link your bridge App account.<br/>2. Make sure your bridge online<br/>Say &ldquo;Alexa, Discover devices&rdquo; to discover new motorized window covering or press the discover devices button in the Alexa App;<br/>3. Your named devices will appear on the new devices list; <br/>4. You can freely open or close your shades at any preferred position (level/percent control)<br/><br/>Here are some examples to get start:<br/>&lsquo;Alexa, turn on shade&rsquo;<br/>&lsquo;Alexa, turn off shade&rsquo;<br/>&lsquo;Alexa, set shade to 20%&rsquo;<br/><br/>Note:<br/>1. Not all devices have level/percentage control, depends on device type. <br/>2. Please set up and assign a unique name to each blinds, curtains in the APP first, e.g. &ldquo;kitchen roller, lounge shade 1&rdquo; so invocation through Alexa can be recognized and identified with no confusion.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on shade.
Alexa, turn off shade.
Alexa,set shade to 20%.

Release Date

August 8th 2017