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Finds out when the Internet will stop working.

Now you can find out when the Internet will stop working! A common problem known in computer engineering is the Year 2038 problem. This problem describes how the Internet's &quot;time&quot; will be reset to January 1, 1970 - 12 AM due to the binary encoding of 32-bit integers. This special date is &quot;when&quot; the internet started.<br/><br/>A lot of other computer systems build off this very fundamental date and time, but since this was implemented so long ago, an update would be required for nearly every computer system on the planet to continue working. This app tells you how much longer we have until the Internet (and pretty much any electronic device) stops working!

Invocation Name

dooms day

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask dooms day when will the internet blow up
Alexa ask dooms day how much longer does my computer have
Alexa ask dooms day what is the doom time

Release Date

July 19th 2017