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Practice calculating in your head which day of the week a date will fall on, also called the "Doomsday Rule"

The Doomsday rule is a method to calculate which day of the week a date will fall on.<br/><br/>Every year the last day of February is called the Doomsday (for 2017 that's a Tuesday). Once you know the year's Doomsday you can work out every day of the year.<br/>For example the Fourth of July and Halloween always fall on Doomsday. Christmas is the day before Doomsday (so Monday in 2017)<br/>This skill will help you practice days for the current year by giving you a random date. If you get stuck or get it wrong too many times it will walk you through the algorithm.

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doomsday rule

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Alexa, ask Doomsday Rule to quiz me
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November 1st 2017