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Donald Trump Quote Trainer


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Or say "Alexa, enable Donald Trump Quote Trainer"

Become an expert on Trump quotes! Alexa will give you a quote and train you to repeat it!

Do you think you know your Trump better than your friends? Do you want to be able to quote like an expert? Then this skill is for you. It will help you memorize your Trumps quotes! <br/><br/>Simply ask for a quote and it will give you one from one of Trumps many works. It will then score you as you repeat it back.<br/><br/>I consider quotes fair use from<br/><br/>icon derived from

Invocation Name

trump trainer

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell Trump Trainer to quote
Alexa, open Trump Trainer and practice
Alexa, ask Trump Trainer for one

Release Date

September 4th 2017