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Dominican Facts

Georgy Marrero

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Learn about the beautiful Dominican Republic by asking Alexa.

Have you heard about the Dominican Republic but don't know much about the country? Do you wish to learn more?<br /><br />Do you want to know facts about the Dominican Republic that might require you to live years among locals, but learn them in just minutes?<br /><br />Or are you a dominican that misses his/her country?<br /><br />If you replied yes for any of these, Dominican Facts is the skill that you're looking for! <br /><br />Learn what dominicans do for fun, their historic events, ethnic food, baseball facts, cool destinations, and random funny facts by just asking Alexa for a dominican fact!<br /><br />COMING SOON: Cards pushed to your device with recipes, pictures, and more information related to the fact you just heard.

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dominican facts

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Alexa, open Dominican Facts
Alexa, ask Dominican Facts for a dominican fact
Alexa, tell Dominican Facts to tell me a platano fact

Release Date

January 30th 2017