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Dog Friendly Vineyards

Cork Hounds, LLC.

Or say "Alexa, enable Dog Friendly Vineyards"

This skill allows you to find the nearest dog friendly vineyard to a City, State, or to find out how many dog friendly vineyards there are in a State.

Cork Hounds catalogs dog-friendly vineyards and wineries across the United States based on whether they allow dogs on the grounds, on the patio, or in the tasting room. A fully dog friendly vineyard allows all three. This skill will search our database, which currently contains public vineyards in 21 states to tell you the nearest vineyard within 100 miles of a given City, State, or for how many wineries there are in a State.

Invocation Name

cork hounds

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Cork Hounds to find the nearest dog friendly vineyard
Alexa, ask Cork Hounds about wineries in Virginia
Alexa, ask Cork Hounds how many wineries are in Georgia

Release Date

July 14th 2017