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Dog Food


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A great educational skill for new or exsisting dog owners, Dog food will help educate you on what foods are good and bad for your dog.

Dog Food is an educational skill for dog owners who are unsure what is good or bad for their dog. Dog Food gives you a way of checking a food, whether its bad or not, before giving it to your dog. Greta for new dog owners.<br/><br/>IMPORTANT: This skills should be used as an aid when feeding your dog, it is important to feed your dog with moderation and care. Some foods can be fatal or dangerous for your dog, please consult your vet if you are unsure or worried about your dogs health.

Invocation Name

dog food

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask dog Food, Can my dog eat chicken?
Alexa, ask dog food, are grapes bad for my dog?
Alexa, ask dog food, Can dogs eat pineapple?

Release Date

December 20th 2017