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Doctor Pooch

Piyush Hari

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Or say "Alexa, enable Doctor Pooch"

Dr. Pooch provides answers to whether dogs can eat certain foods.

Dr.r Pooch is your go-to guy to ask if your pooch can have or not have certain foods. Consult him before you decide to feed your dog with new foods. Dr. Pooch is constantly learning - so if he is unable to answer - he will learn and be able to answer in a week. Please give him some benefit of doubt before bashing him with a bad review. A good review will make him stay motivated to constantly add to his answers.

Invocation Name

doctor pooch

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Doctor Pooch if my dog can have cashews
Alexa, ask doctor pooch if dogs can eat Honey
Alexa, ask Doctor Pooch for help

Release Date

July 29th 2016