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Doc Rogers

Philip Lamoreaux

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Or say "Alexa, enable Doc Rogers"

A basic Rogerian style psychotherapy simulator. Talk about how you are feeling and the 'therapist' replies and affirms.

A basic Rogerian (Person-centered therapy or PCT) psychotherapy simulator (or just for fun). You're invited to talk about how you are feeling and the 'therapist' replies. PCT is characterized (sometimes parodied) by replying with a repetition of the patient's first person statements (I/me/my, etc.) changed to second person statements (you/your, etc.), with reinforcing phrases added to the beginning and/or end of the replies.

Invocation Name

doc rogers

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Doc Rogers why I'm happy today.
I'm sad today.
My head hurts.

Release Date

March 22nd 2016