Dirty Deeds - Alexa Skill

Dirty Deeds


Or say "Alexa, enable Dirty Deeds"

Classify the type of deed you are planning. Is it a heist, a shenanigan, a racket, or 1 of 36 other possibilities

When you are up to no good, answer a series of questions about your plans and Dirty Deeds will tell you what you are planning. Answering questions such as "Is the goal to outwit an opponent?" and "Are you doing it for fun" will result in Dirty Deeds letting you know that you are planning a caper, running a hustle, or pulling 1 of 39 different outcomes.

Invocation Name

dirty deeds

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Dirty Deeds
Alexa, DirtyDeeds
Repeat that

Release Date

July 11th 2017