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Enhance your dinosaur knowledge with Dinosaur Facts.

Dinosaur Facts provides interesting facts about a whole host of dinosaurs. Use this skill to to brush up on a specific dinosaur, or hear a fact for any of the dinosaurs available. <br/><br/>Currently available dinosaurs: <br/>Tyrannosaurus Rex<br/>Stegosaurus<br/>Brachiosaurus<br/>Diplodocus<br/><br/>We're always adding more dinosaurs, so check back often!

Invocation Name

dinosaur facts

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Dinosaur Facts for a fact about Tyrannosaurus Rex
Alexa, open Dinosaur Facts and give me a fact about Stegosaurus
Alexa, ask Dinosaur Facts to tell me a fact about any dinosaur

Release Date

August 23rd 2017