Ding4you - Alexa Skill




Or say "Alexa, enable Ding4you"

Ding4U is great service for hotels and their guests. Don't need to pick up the phone. Just say what you need.

With the Ding4U skill on Alexa, guests can easily request service or check the status of already requested services, from their hotel room.<br/><br/>Ding4U with Alexa directly connects hotel manager and staff,<br/>maximizes work efficiency and provides guest care service at the same time.<br/>Our System directly matches available staff with guest service request and can manage/monitor staff's work status through our system.<br/><br/>How to play with Ding4U<br/><br/>1.&quot;Alexa, open ding four you.&quot;<br/> - After the command mentioned above, Alexa will respond with guidelines.<br/> - For further operations and commands, follow guidelines provided by Alexa.<br/><br/><br/>This version is based on almost real hotel experience for your understanding. If you are interested in using Ding4U at your hotel,<br/>please contact ding4u@mediazen.co.kr.

Invocation Name

ding four you

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask ding four you
Alexa, ask ding four you for request service
Alexa, ask ding four you for get status

Release Date

May 8th 2017