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3 Times Proud Dropout, Vlogger, Podcaster, Product Manager @Digiperform

Digital Pratik is a 28 year old dude from India who makes a living on Internet. Currently, he is the Product Manager of DG Perform, which is Asia's Most Trusted Brand in Digital Marketing Training. Digital Pratik, simply loves to help other people via digital marketing ocean. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Musicaly and many other platforms by simply searching, Digital Pratik. He follows one simple rule in his life, which he has termed as the LAS Formula where L is equal to Learn, A is equal to Apply and S is equal to Share. This means, daily he learns something new in his life, daily he applies that something new which he has learnt in his life and daily he shares that something new, which he has learnt and applied in his life, with other people. Learn, Apply and Share every single day. He is a firm believer of live your dreams and always listen to your heart, no matter what.

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December 2nd 2017