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Control Dialpad from Alexa

Requires a Dialpad account. <br/>NOTE: Calls will ring your use your Dialpad number to make calls from. Dialpad will will ring your desktop app and desk phones to initiate calls.<br/><br/>Dialpad is a modern cloud phone system for your business. <br/>Join 45,000+ companies who have ditched the desk phone. Connect Everyone. Work Anywhere.<br/><br/>Alexa Features include:<br/><br/>-Initiate calls by number or first name.<br/>-Check new voicemails and texts.<br/>-Check your office leaderboard for the top 5 operators who had the most calls<br/>-Ask how many calls you placed/received for any date.<br/>-Ask how many calls your office placed/received for any date.<br/>-Turn on/off do not disturb<br/>-Turn on/off call recording while on a call.<br/>-Transfer an active call to someone by name or number.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Dialpad to call Brian
Alexa, ask Dialpad how many calls we got last week
Alexa, ask Dialpad if I have any new messages

Release Date

June 16th 2017