Devhulk - Alexa Skill



The Devhulk skill is here to teach basic terminology around programming. Use Devhulk in conjunction with online courses for full programming immersion.

Are you interested in learning more about programming? If so, you may have used online courses, or tutorials to try and up your skills. These tools are great for teaching you how to do specific things, but sometimes the terminology used in these online materials are hard to understand. Devhulk is meant to help bridge the gap by teaching you valuable programming terms. Devhulk will randomly choose a fundamental programming term, and explain it in a clear and concise fashion. Make it a goal to learn a new programming term everyday. This will help to get the core concepts of programming better engrained into your mind as you navigate any online programming materials.

Invocation Name

dev hulk

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask devhulk to teach me something
Alexa, ask devhulk to give me a word
Alexa, ask devhulk for my term of the day

Release Date

December 30th 2017