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Depression Tracker

William Alexander

Or say "Alexa, enable Depression Tracker"

Quickly self-test whether you might suffer from depression

This skill allows you to quickly self-test whether you or another person might suffer from depression.<br/>You'll be asked 7 questions.<br/><br/>Tips:<br/>While doing the questionnaire, you can say any of the following to hear the question again:<br/>&quot;pardon&quot;, &quot;what&quot;, &quot;can you repeat please?&quot;, &quot;what was that&quot;<br/><br/>If you require help with the answers, you can say: <br/>&quot;help&quot;<br/><br/>Note:<br/>No personal data is stored in the cloud. Only the number of times you took the questionnaire.<br/>This is a casual way to track your depression.<br/>It is not meant to replace any therapies you may currently use

Invocation Name

depression tracker

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Depression Tracker

Release Date

September 3rd 2017