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Delphic Oracle

CardioCube Ltd.

Or say "Alexa, enable Delphic Oracle"

Delphic Oracle can give you some recommendations based on your favourite movie, book, artist, game or author, so that they would suit your very own style.

Finding the right movie, book or an album can be a tedious task that usually takes more time than it should. With Delphic Oracle this no longer poses a problem.<br/><br/>Just specify your favourite movie, band, TV-show, author or a game and enjoy up to 10 of your very own list of recommendations.<br/><br/>You can either ask for some recommendations based on one of the following:<br/>- Movies,<br/>- TV-shows,<br/>- Books,<br/>- Authors,<br/>- Bands,<br/>- Games.<br/><br/>The skill is powered, yet not in any way endorsed by TasteDive API.

Invocation Name

delphic oracle

Interaction Examples

Alexa tell Delphic Oracle to give me a recommendation based on Arctic Monkeys
Recommend me something if I like the movie Birdman
Recommend me something based on the show Gotham

Release Date

August 21st 2017