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Delaware County District Library

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Or say "Alexa, enable Delaware County District Library"

Search events at any branches of the Delaware County District Library System.

You can search for upcoming events at any of the following Library locations within Delaware County District Library System:<br/>1. Delaware Library<br/>2. Orange Library<br/>3. Ostrander Library<br/>4. Powell Library<br/><br/>(Please ensure you say the Library Names as specified above)<br/><br/>You can search for events for a 'specific date' at any Library Branch. <br/>You can also say words like 'Today' or 'Tomorrow' or 'This Weekend' when you search for events. <br/><br/>Sample questions:<br/>What's going on today at the Powell Library?<br/>What's happening this weekend at the Delaware Library?<br/>Is there anything happening at the Orange Library on August Tenth?<br/>Are there any events tomorrow at the Ostrander Library?

Invocation Name

delaware library

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Delaware Library
Alexa, ask Delaware Library, what's happening on August Tenth at the Orange Library
Alexa, open Delaware Library and tell me what's going on today at the Powell Library

Release Date

July 13th 2017