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Deez Nuts


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Or say "Alexa, enable Deez Nuts"

Amazon Alexa now provides Deez Nuts to fill that void in your life.

Does your life feel incomplete? Do you struggle to find direction and meaning in what you do? Do you feel plagued by feelings of loneliness and isolation in a world that doesn't care?<br/><br/>Well this skill certainly won't help, but it'll get you some of Deez Nuts.<br/><br/>&quot;Deez nuts are great!&quot;<br/>-Creator<br/><br/>&quot;Deez nuts are the stupidest thing you've ever done&quot;<br/>-Friend<br/><br/>&quot;Deez nuts cured my cancer!&quot;<br/>-No one ever<br/><br/>&quot;You have been a source of endless disappointment&quot;<br/>-Creator's mom

Invocation Name

these nuts

Interaction Examples

Alexa open these nuts
what nuts

Release Date

June 10th 2017