Decision Genie - Alexa Skill

Decision Genie

Byran Dai

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Or say "Alexa, enable Decision Genie"

The Decision Genie knows all and will help you cut through the indecision of daily life! Ask it to choose between any number of choices and be amazed.

The Decision Genie is a skill that can make a decision for you. Simply ask it a question where each response is joined by &quot;or&quot;, and Decision Genie will use his omnipotent powers to see which choice results in the maximum satisfaction to you.<br/><br/>Use Decision Genie for all of life's most vexing question:<br/><br/>- What to eat (&quot;Should I eat Tacos, Burgers, or be healthy for once?)<br/>- Where to go (&quot;Should I visit someplace hot or cold?&quot;)<br/>- Even who your favorite family member is (&quot;Choose between Tom or Alex&quot;)<br/><br/>Valuable seconds of your day can be saved with Decision Genie, so get this skill today!

Invocation Name

decision genie

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Decision Genie
Alexa, ask Decision Genie should I order Pizza or Sushi or Burgers
Alexa, ask Decision Genie if she loves me or she loves me not

Release Date

September 10th 2017